Friday, July 14, 2017

Vinegar Wood Stain

I recently talked my husband into making some frames for a few canvas paintings I had. He made them out of wood from Home Depot and then I needed to stain the raw wood. I researched options, being the frugal person I am I really didn't want to buy stain. I also was looking to see how to make the wood look distressed.  I found a way to make my own mixture from vinegar and steel wool. Super cheap, super easy and super cool looking. Get it...IT'S SUPER! :)

I've done 2 batches of the stain. One with distilled vinegar and one with apple cider vinegar. Here are the results.
On the right: untreated wood  
One the left: 1 coat of apple cider vinegar stain

Frame before stain.

Frame stained with apple cider vinegar stain.

Box frame stained with distilled vinegar stain.

Box frame stained with distilled vinegar stain.

Ok, now you've seen it. Isn't it cool?! 

Here's the instructions:  
Fill glass jar with your choice of vinegar. Add 1 piece of steel wool. Poke several holes in the lid of the jar and set aside for a few days. The stain will get darker with time. I waited 2 days with mine. Then take a paint brush and stain away. It dries quickly so do as may layers as you like to get the results you desire.

Note: I read that some people use a spray bottle to do this. I tried it that way and it was a mess! It caused drips on my frame and chemical reaction made the bottle leak. Never again for me, the jar method worked much better.