Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Low Carb Diet

It's time to say farewell to my low carb diet. It has officially been one month and I am hoping that has been long enough to reset my body for its glucose tolerance issues.

Honestly, I have learned a lot. For example, I have crazy ass will power! lol I amazed myself by not cheating, not even once and by not drinking alcohol. It was such a hard transition from being a bean, tofu, fruit and veggie loving, no cheese eating, low fat eater to eating and drinking things I had sworn off years ago. I did make a few recipe's I will likely keep around. The flax crackers and the cauliflower tortillas and pizza were very good and I can see eating them again. I am going to leave this challenge with the knowledge that I probably do eat too many carbs without even realizing it. Also, I don't "need" a glass of wine each night as much as I just enjoy it.

I set out on this challenge knowing I didnt need to lose weight. I mean of course that would be nice, but  I just needed to totally re-boot my body.  I have been a healthy eater for so long now and haven't been on a diet for years. I have realized that maybe I took my healthy life style too seriously. I really think I may have been eating more fruit then my body could handle. With this challenge I also cut my soy intake. No tofu or veggie products for a month. I wanted to get everything I had in my system out of it. In regular life (pre low carb) I only cook tofu once a week. I wasn't terribly concerned with my consumption, it was just another thing I wanted to try.

I don't know how stopping this way of eating will be. I have read a lot of stories threatening complete bloat and weight gain after stopping. I have a plan, it's to go back to calorie counting for the first while and making sure I eat healthy. Hopefully I can find the lifestyle for my weight maintenance. I had to laugh at myself, for breakfast this morning (1st day off the diet) I ate scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of turkey bacon I had left over. lol not much of a transition yet! 

In honor of kissing this diet good-bye I wrote a farewell poem.

No more hot dogs,
No more cheese…
No more eating foods I displease.
No more cream cheese,
No more oil…
No more broccoli left to boil.
No more sticks of cheese,
No more pepperoni chips…
No more celery sticks slathered in ranch dip.
No more weigh ins,
No more jello…
No more missing mello yello.
No more ketosis,
No more peeing on sticks…
No more wondering if this is my fix.
No more whipped cream,
No more cauliflower…
No more wondering if I’ll have the will power.

I am saying good bye to you low-carb diet,
Although you were my choice, I am ending the fun…
I only lost 3 pounds, but I learned a ton.

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