Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Low-Carb BBQ Pork

Low-Carb BBQ Pork

Use 2-3 pounds of boneless ribs (beef or pork)

Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Trim excess fat off of ribs. Cover baking sheet with foil and put ribs on sheet. Cook for ½ hour at 450 degrees then turn oven down to 350 degrees and cook for an additional ½. Put ribs in crock pot, cover with bbq sauce and simmer on low for 4 hours or until desired tenderness.

Low-Carb BBQ Sauce

1 cup tomato sauce
3 tablespoon Worcestershire
2 teaspoon brown sugar substitute
2 tablespoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon liquid smoke
6 teaspoon white sugar substitute

Mix all ingredients and cook over low heat for 10 minutes.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Changing to a Low Carb Diet

Over the past few months my life has felt in turmoil. I refuse to get into any details but the bottom line is my body has changed. I developed an insulin resistance to a healthy diet. This is not fun, when hard core food monitoring and calorie counting don't even budge the scale.

I have tried all I know how to do as far as dieting except one creature from my past. The Low-Carb Diet. I used this diet in my early 20's after my bout with my freshmen 50. It worked, I loved it, it was easy. It became my lifestyle for 5 years. Eleven years later I don't eat much meat, cheese, eggs, butter, cream, anything full fat. So as I  filled my shopping cart with these things for the first time in years, my stomach turned. It is the complete opposite of how I eat, but I am praying it works to reset my body to proper function.

Day Negative One: Grocery shopping begins. I began racking my brain, what on earth did I used to eat? I went the store and filled the cart with the following: salmon, tilapia, shrimp, chicken, bacon, cold cuts, cheese (what the heck!), eggs, nuts and club soda. I also picked up several bags of frozen broccoli and cauliflower.

Day One: Breakfast
It has been years since I had an omelet. I made an omelet with 2 eggs a sprinkle of cheese, ham and some dark greens. It was a beautiful omelet. As I ate it I felt full, however somewhat nauseated.
Lunch: I stuck with my usual lunch of a big salad full of veggies and half a can of albacore tuna. I added some feta cheese and some creamy dressing. It was hard to get through, too much richness!
Dinner: Non original chicken and lots of veggies.
Snacks: Cheese sticks and cold cuts, Chicken broth with veggies and an egg.

By the end of the day I felt so ill. Through the night I had hot sweats and got up to pee four times!

Day 2:  I couldn't bring myself to eat eggs.  I had eaten 3 the day before, I probably hadn't had 3 eggs in the last year. I wanted to gag. I made some turkey bacon with greens on the side. Much better.

I decided to become more experimental with the menu. I stuck to my salad for lunch but for dinner I made a spicy, shrimp soup. It was really good. I laid in bed most of the day on day 2. Just feeling so sick. I WANT FRUIT!  lol but I am the last one to cheat, especially on a diet. When you are only cheating yourself, it seems pretty stupid.

Day 3: I am feeling more human. I have over come any cravings and the awful nausea.  I am taking a new approach to this, I am going to be creative as much as I can in finding better ways to eat this low-carb food. Recipes and pictures will be coming soon!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Off To College He Went!

Well he did it. He went ahead and grew up, got wonderful grades and is entering his first year of college. My sweet nephew is amazing and I adore him.

I wanted to give him a little gift. Kind of a "you are on your own, first apartment gift".

This is what I came up with. A gift package of necessities. I included paper towels, paper plates, quick meal options, q-tips and of course toilet paper.