Saturday, September 20, 2014

Magazine Photo Transfer

I scoured the web and couldn't find anything about magazine transfers to canvas. This pushed me to figure it out myself. Here's my re-cap of transferring a magazine page to canvas.

First of all I found a photo of some pretty leafs I liked in a magazine. Then I cut the image to a similar shape as my canvas. 

Then I prepped my canvas. 

With my sponge brush, a slathered a good layer of medium.

Once it was as smooth as I could get it, I placed the magazine page face down on the canvas.

Then I used the back of a card to remove the bubbles and flatten the paper onto the canvas.

After several hours, the paper was dry and I started to remove it. I placed a wet wash cloth over the image and saturated the paper with water.

Then I started to remove the paper. 

Rub, rub, rub.

After removing as much as  I could, I let it dry. Once it was dry I wet it again and removed some more.

Once I was happy with my paper removal I decided to do a seal coat.

With my mixture of 50/50 water and glue, I coated the photo.

It dried nicely, I love the mildly distressed look.

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