Monday, July 14, 2014

Magnet Party Favors

I decided to make magnet party favors for my Grandma's upcoming 90th birthday party. I started with 50 bottle caps (thanks DH). Then spray painted the backs. I made 1" circled photos for Grandma when she was younger and printed them on photo paper. I punched out the photos and let the fun in sue.

Painted bottle caps.

Put a good few squirts of hot glue in the cap.

Placed the photo in the cap.

Waited for them to dry and cool.

Then I Mod Podged the photo.

And waited for them to dry.

This is where a new fun adventure came along. I ran out of Mod Podge and decided to try a homemade version. Check that story out here.(coming soon)

My homemade Mod Podge caps weren't as shiny as I liked, so I added a coat of clear coat nail polish to them.


They dried nicely.

Then I glued  tiny magnets on their back.

Viola! Wonderful party favors.

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