Saturday, April 5, 2014

Photos On Tissue Paper

I am very interested in photo transferring. I have read about many techniques and tried several of them. Some work well, others not so much.

This post is about my photo printing on to tissue paper. Seems easy enough and it really is. 

First thing I did was cut a piece of tissue paper to the size of a piece of card stock. Leaving the width a bit longer I fastened the tissue to the card stock with tape.

I put the paper in my color printer and it printed out with not sticking. I clipped the tape to release the delicate tissue picture.

Not really in knowing what I wanted the background to be, I stuck it to a piece of MDF I had laying around with Mod Podge. 

At this point my mind began to wonder what I could use this process on. I printed out a few more pictures and stuck them to candles, glass and finally to foam board.

The foam board worked great but I did experience a small tear with the tissue. It is so delicate especially when I put the top coat of Mod Podge on after it had been affixed. 

I decided to make a 3-d frame display with my project for a gift. I think it turned out great. 

A few pointers:
Move slow and delicately with the tissue.
I got a few ink smears on the tissue, a full color picture works best to hide those.