Friday, February 28, 2014

Hurricane Candle Birthday Gift

I love making my friends homemade gifts. DH and I have been in to cutting wine bottles lately and I have been experimenting with gift ideas for them. Here's one we came up with.

Hurricane Candle Birthday Gift

For this project we used:
One wine bottle with the bottom cut off
(To see how I cut the bottles, click here: CUTTING GLASS BOTTLES)
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
Mod Podge - Gloss
Wash cloth

I selected a bottle I wanted to use for the hurricane candle.

Then we created an image for the bottle.

When using this medium, you need to reverse the image.

We printed the image on a laser printer on regular white paper.

Trimmed the image to the desired size.

Smothered the image with the transfer medium.

With a sponge brush, smoothed it out. 

Gently and carefully applied the paper to the bottle. Then we waited over night for it to dry completely.

With a wet wash cloth, I moistened the paper. Then carefully and some what tediously rubbed the paper off. 

Being careful around the edges, the layers of paper peeled off.

Once the paper was off, I blotted the bottle dry.

Then applied a nice coat of Mod Podge for a finished look.

It looked pretty good.

It had an unfinished look to me though, so I added a princess charm around the neck of the bottle.

Then I added a chain to the charm. Looks complete to me :)

One note on this project. My bottle was too flat at the bottom. So when I lite a candle and put the bottle over it the candle would go out. TG DH is smart, he said it wasnt getting enough air. So I added these cute gem stickers on the bottom to let air in and candle burned wonderfully.