Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cutting Wine Bottles

 I finally gave in and bought a wine bottle cutter from Michael's. With the temptation of a 40% off coupon and a return I had, it seemed like the right time.
g2 Generation Green Bottle Cutter

First I removed the labels from the bottles, washed and dried them. DH assembled the cutting unit and the fun began. 

First we scored the glass.

Then we heated a large pan of water to a boil and held the bottle in the hot bath for about 8 seconds.

Immediately following the hot bath we dipped the bottle into an ice bath for the same 8 seconds. 

Back and forth with the hot and cold dipping until the glass crackled a separated. 

Our first break was a bit crooked.

We got better with the second and third bottles.

 I was pretty happy with the results. A few pointers from me are to wear safety glasses and use the sanding paper that comes with the cutter kit to smooth the edges.

Happy bottle cutting!

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