Monday, November 18, 2013

Bottle Cap Tray

Having an adequate supply of bottle caps for crafts, I made the plunge and made a bottle cap tray. 

I purchased wooden tray from the craft store. 

Then I spray painted the tray white.

After the paint was dry I spread out my caps and found a pattern I liked.

Then I bought an acrylic kit from Michael's. I mixed the concoction and waited for my tray to dry. A few things about this... I bought the wrong type of product for this project.  I poured that incorrect product over my caps. After waiting for it to cure a few days I ended up with a sticky gel covering the caps. Oops!

My second attempt was more successful. I bought the correct acrylic. Poured it over and in just of 2 days it was nice and hard.

I think it looks awesome. I cant wait to use it and have it out to display.

A Few Important Notes:
  • If you buy a basic wooden tray, it is not going to be leak proof. The acrylic will pour through the cracks. Be prepared and be careful. I propped my tray up (off it's bottom) and let the acrylic leak through into another box lined with a trash bag.
  • Use this type of product for your tray.

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