Friday, August 31, 2012

Garden Cooking

I came home from my visit to my sister's house with a bounty of home grown food. Here's a couple of  the great meals I made using that produce. 

I sliced and seasoned a freshly picked zucchini, skewered cherry tomatoes and a fresh onion from my Momma's garden.

After I grilled all the veggies I tossed them with sliced, grilled chicken and some veggie pasta. 

Very tasty, even for someone like me who avoids pasta :)

The second dish I made from the same veggies was a  primavera  pasta for DH's lunch. I sauteed onion slices in a touch of olive oil, then added cubed zucchini, shortly followed by some pasta water and some Parmesan cheese to make a sauce. After the sauce was formed I added sliced cherry tomatoes.

I tossed more veggie pasta with the sauce and veggies. Voila!

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