Friday, August 31, 2012

Garden Cooking

I came home from my visit to my sister's house with a bounty of home grown food. Here's a couple of  the great meals I made using that produce. 

I sliced and seasoned a freshly picked zucchini, skewered cherry tomatoes and a fresh onion from my Momma's garden.

After I grilled all the veggies I tossed them with sliced, grilled chicken and some veggie pasta. 

Very tasty, even for someone like me who avoids pasta :)

The second dish I made from the same veggies was a  primavera  pasta for DH's lunch. I sauteed onion slices in a touch of olive oil, then added cubed zucchini, shortly followed by some pasta water and some Parmesan cheese to make a sauce. After the sauce was formed I added sliced cherry tomatoes.

I tossed more veggie pasta with the sauce and veggies. Voila!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Pizza II

 DH aka the Pizza Guru had a great idea for pizza last night. I currently have the refrigerator stocked with fresh produce. He made a great pizza for us with it.

This pizza had:
His homemade marinara
Sliced Portobello mushrooms
Spinach cut in to ribbons
Diced, fresh, hot banana peppers

We love mushrooms and this pizza was one of our favorites!

There was a little dough left over and DH made a tart. I sliced a nectarine thinly and he dressed the dough with an agave, cinnamon mixture. We served with a scoop of frozen yogurt and it was AMAZING!

Summer Pizza

DH and I recently tried a new pizza spot in town, the Lucky Slice. They were inspired by the farmers market to make a super fresh pizza. They inspired us, so we did the same at home.

This pizza had: 
Homemade marinara
Anaheim peppers
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh corn off the cob

While the pizza baked, I enjoyed a glass of champagne with strawberries. So good!

The finished product was amazing. Fresh and delicious tasting.

For desert I grilled peaches and plums.

Served with a balsamic reduction and a scoop of ricotta. I must admit, I like it better with just frozen vanilla yogurt. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose but it won't stop me from trying new things.