Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Rolls in Spring Time

I have never made spring rolls but had a fascination with the beautiful rice wrappers. I had seen them on a cooking show before and wanted to try them out. 

I started by making a healthy filling for the spring rolls. I cheated a bit and bought a bag of broccoli slaw. It had shredded cabbage, carrots and brocolini in it. 

I sauteed some thinly sliced onions, then added the slaw, 1/8 cup lean, diced ham and a good amount of grated ginger. I cooked the veggies down and and seasoned with a little soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar. 

Now for the rice wrapper transformation. Not many photos here since it takes both hands. I boiled a pan of water, turned off heat and let cool enough that I could stick my hand in it. Then tightly holding the rice wrapper, I dipped one side of the wrapper in the water for 10 seconds, flipped and dipped the other side for 10 seconds and then once more on the first side. Quickly I put the wrapper on a plate with a bit of water on it so it didn't stick.

Once the wrapper was completely flexible I put a scoop of the filling on it and rolled it.


I put them on a sheet pan and baked them at 375 degrees for 15 minutes. You could eat them without cooking them too.

While the spring rolls baked I made sushi rolls. 

Once the spring rolls are baked and the sushi has been cut, you have a wonderful, tasty and healthy meal! The rice wrappers only have 33 calories a piece and the filling is full of nutrition and low calorie. 

All of the food is extremely filling for the actually amount of calories. That is my kind of meal.


  1. Looks great! What do you put in your Sushi? Is it crab or shrimp?

  2. I used crab, avocado and cucumber. I stuck spear of asparagus in one roll this time for fun. It provided a wonderful crunch. DH wants me to try shrimp sometime, so that's what I'll do for him next time :)


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